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Bent Castle Workshops

is a small independent game publisher. Titles include: Pegleg Pete's Deck of Royal Rogues, Pippoglyph Playing Cards, Skallywaggs, Numbers League, and Numbers League Expansions.

Chris Pallace is the illustrator and Ben Crenshaw is the designer. That's it.

While we each bring a different skill set to our projects, we collaborate on just about everything. The result is a wonderful blending that produces exquisite cards and games.

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Chris Pallace

The illustrator of the group, Chris’s art is everywhere in our products. His drawing style is what gives Bent Castle its look and feel. Chris brings many other talents to Bent Castle. Chris is a full time Freelance Artist in Rochester NY.

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Ben Crenshaw

The Designer of the group. Game design, logos & identities are what Ben brings to the mix. Ben works as a freelance Designer in Blacksburg Va and has a jewelry line called The Enchanted Glyph.


BENT CASTLE WORKSHOPS PO BOX 90941 ROCHESTER NY 14609 info@bentcastle.com

Copyright © 2013 Chris Pallace & Ben Crenshaw (all worldwide rights reserved) All trademarks are the property of Chris Pallace & Ben Crenshaw. Notice is hereby given that Ben Crenshaw and Chris Pallace claim exclusive rights to all card faces, card backs, card symbols, characters and other distinguishing characteristics which are unique to our games.