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USA Today

"[Numbers League] does a masterful job of giving kids a reason to practice math facts. ... This is one of the best math games on the iPad." 

Common Sense Media

"Educational value: A+" 

Media Macaroni

"I thought it was going to be too complicated for Olive. ... When it came time for me to learn how to play, she taught me."

"What summer slump? My girl is headed into first grade with a primer in simple multiplication and negative numbers."

"I’d call this app a must-have for your elementary schooler."


"Not all educational apps are equal. And some are just so great, we sifted through a bunch and put together our favorite educational apps for grade schoolers and tweens. ... Numbers League is a total win from the comically awesome characters to the brain challenge it'll provide everyone from beginners to super-scholars."

Wired GeekDad

"Numbers League improves on a masterpiece."

"Bent Castle Workshops has turned Numbers League, this fantastic superhero math card game, into an equally fantastic app that you can always have with you on your iPad."


"This phenomenal math app invites students into a comic book world that uses super heroes to fight evil number villains. ... The design of Number League is unlike the format of traditional algorithm on a worksheet and initially students may not realize they are practicing math facts."


(i Education Apps Review) "Whether you are 5 or 45, Numbers League will stimulate users both

educationally and emotionally."

"Whether you are a parent, educator or home schooler, the Numbers League is very applicable to you!"

EDU In Review

"The Numbers League app for iPads has used superhero powers to make basic math problems fun and entertaining, while also teaching children basic math skills."

"The different levels make it possible for both a five-year old child and a teenager to improve their math skills while having fun."


"Our own theories would suggest that companies offering one-off learning games or ‘the best’ math activity that complements the main curriculum—in other words, companies that do not offer a full course worth of curriculum—will struggle to sell into public schools because their business model will remain challenged in the current environment. (Of course, companies like Motion Math and Bent Castle Software, with their Numbers League app, may have found a way around this with their low-cost, direct-to-consumer mobile apps strategy–but stay tuned)."


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