Numbers League

is a fantastic tool to help teach children basic math skills.Once a child is able to add 3 simple numbers together, Minion Level will start his or her journey into the wonderful world of math. 

Fun for the whole family.

Up to 4 players can play on a single iPad. The game is fun for adults and children to play together. Players work together to assemble a team of Heros to rid Infinity City of villains. 

Bots are people too. 

Three robots are willing to play in any game, so the game is fun for a single human player. The robots play at different levels of skill so don’t be surprised if one of them captures villains like a pro. 

Let the games begin.

With 3 levels of play and 32 different custom configurations, Numbers League can be set to suit the players' needs. Minion Level requires simple addition. Hero Level introduces more complex addition and basic subtraction. Superhero Level introduces negative numbers and simple multiplication. For those who want a gradual transition to Superhero Level, Custom Levels allow for specific features of Superhero Level to be turned on and off. 

Tally ho!

Use your fingers, use your toes. Use a pencil and a piece of paper if you like. Use the hint feature to show you what’s possible and a timer if you want to make the game even more challenging.


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