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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I love the animations, but they make the turns take so long.

A: Tap the OPTIONS button. Under GAME PLAY select FAST to speed up the capture and spinner animations. Choose SIMPLE to eliminate capture animations. You can adjust the audio to suit your taste as well.

Q: Can I play a game with just the bots?

A: Yes. But remember if the game is playing by itself your iPad may go to sleep. To prevent this tap the screen occasionally.

Q: There is no villain I can capture but the game isn't advancing, what do I do? 

A: Tap the END TURN button in the top right corner of the screen. If you are playing with the timer the turn will automatically advance when time runs out.

Q: How does the game resolve ties?

A: Tied scores go to the player with the highest number of captures. When scores and capture numbers are both tied the win will go to the player who started last.

Q: Do I get extra points for using all my heroes?

A: Nope, but it feels great doesn't it!

Q: What do all the numbers in the score section mean?

A: The number in the red disc shows the point total for the most recent capture. The number to the right of each player's name is his or her total score above that is the number of villains captured. 

Q: When does the timer start?

A: The timer starts as soon as you tap the newspaper to begin your turn and it runs under all of the animations, so be careful about thinking too long while considering your hero in the spinner.

Q: I can't get the spinner tray to open and close so I can see the villains on the board.

A: The active area of the drawer is it's edge. Drag your finger across the area to the left of the padlock silhouettes

Q: Do I have to spin a hero every turn?

A: No, you do not. If you are confident you can capture everyone you can save time by foregoing your hero spins. Once you capture a villain your turn will end without the opportunity to go back and spin for heroes or devices. And remember, even if your heroes are up to the task on their own using devices ups your score so it's always worth it to spin for them.

Q: Why is my score a negative number?

A: Check the HINTS setting on the OPTIONS page. When it is set to FREE you may use the hint button as often as you wish with no penalty. When set to 1 POINT or 2 POINTS that amount will be deducted from your score for each turn in which you use the HINT button, you may re-check the hint as may times as you like within the same turn - you will only be charged once. 


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