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Shawn Brenneman
Bent Castle Software


Numbers League iPad app launched

Blacksburg, VA  22 June 2011

Bent Castle Software announces the release of an iPad app version of the classic tabletop card game, Numbers League.

Numbers League engages kids in the challenge of ridding Infinity City of pesky villains, and in the process, hones their incredible mathematical superpowers.  Players assemble a team of heroes and use ingenious devices, along with their own math skills,  to capture villains.  The game is so fun that the players may not realize they are doing and learning math!

  • highly configurable - fun and challenging for 5 year olds and 15 year olds alike
  • up to 4 players can play on a single iPad
  • 3 robots, of varying skill levels, are ready to play in any game
  • a family game - fun and competitive for adults and kids to play together
  • beautiful graphics, great music, fun sound effects
  • a classic game - fun to play for years to come
  • a great tool for parents and teachers

“Our goal is to help kids become proficient with numbers, and make the process fun.  My own math skills became much sharper as a result of playing this game!“ says Numbers League’s lead software engineer.  “My 5 year old surprised us by quickly progressing beyond Minion level,” beams our graphic designer.  “In some circles, I’m known as Botcrusher,” brags the marketing director.

"The Numbers League app is an incredibly fun way to practice your basic math facts. The combination of arithmetic and wacky comic book-style superheroes will draw in even the most reluctant child. My kids beg to play this game. The app is also a perfect electronic representation of the original Numbers League card game. I recommend this to anyone from age 5 to adult. Kids aren't necessary to enjoy this challenging game. " - GeekDad,

Bent Castle Software is a tiny independent software company based in Blacksburg, Virginia, with one product, in which it believes with all its heart.

Available now in the AppStore.

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